Gretchen Lawler

My story may sound familiar to many business owners out there. I ran a business with my husband for ten years before starting a career in Payroll and Human Resources Outsourcing. As I was transitioning from a business owner to a payroll sales rep, the experience I had created the passion I have for my career and what I do for businesses!

Ask me about the love letter from the IRS sometime…

Experience: 10+ Years
Direct: 281.657.9156
Main: 713.784.1181
Cell: 585.329.1831


My Role at G&A Partners

I am the matchmaker for my clients and their solution. I take the time to listen and understand their needs and budget. I don’t expect them to fit into a pre-determined package, instead, I create the solution that best serves them and their team.


My Specialties:

  • I listen to what my prospects and clients say about their needs and do not try to squeeze them into my products/services. Sometimes a referral to another solution is the best way to get referrals back!

  • Payroll & HR administration process consultation for small & medium to large businesses (Pre-Hire to Separation)

  • Helping my clients find a way to solve the bottlenecks or errors with a solution that fits their business and financial needs.

  • Building customer and vendor relationships based on integrity and mutual trust.

  • Forming professional partnerships that are mutually beneficial to everyone.

  • Finding that needle in the haystack solution. I know it’s there, and I am going to find it for us.


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